Be a Zero Partner

Earn cash by becoming a 皇冠hg88688 Partner

Be a ZeroPartner


Promote 皇冠hg88688 to your customers


Customers apply online using a customized URL

Earn $

Ring the register with every funded account


Keep tabs on all the accounts you refer

Reward Based Partnership

Our partnership program rewards individuals and companies in the trading community. If you have an audience, simply refer your clients to your customized 皇冠hg88688 URL. We'll also add you to our partnership landing page to benefit from our 皇冠hg88688 community.

Getting Started

Fill the partnership form and become one of our partners. Once reviewed and approved, open an account and we will link your customized URL. You will also receive a login and password to track your referrals.

Get Started

What You Earn

  • Order Share
  • Free Orders .0001 per share
  • Paid Orders .0005 per share
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